Welcome to East of Hollywood New York Certified Sound Stages

East of Hollywood NY is now a certified NY

State Qualified Production Facility

A film and television production facility that has everything you need for your next production, big or small. East of Hollywood NY features three soundstages with grid heights of 30' and a total of over 30,000 square feet in area for each stage. We are certified with the Mayor's and Governor's Offices for Film and Broadcasting. In addition there are locations of equal size, which are conducive to larger or smaller production shoots. East of Hollywood also caters to photo shoots, commercial shoots, and other events such as rallies, public affairs, parties, and weddings. The two main stages offer onsite production offices and extensive set, prop, and wardrobe storage areas. We are conveniently located within minutes of Manhattan. East of Hollywood NY offers local production assistance and support in providing availability of a range of cost-effective production equipment and services including, but not limited to: lighting packages, craft service, props (including heavy equipment props), makeup and set designers, off-location permits, transport, post-production facilities, and other assistant personnel and services. You send us a list of your needs, time frame, and budget. We will provide you with fast, efficient, and cost-effective proposals for your perusal. We have hosted and continue to offer our space for parties, social functions, conferences, weddings, documentaries, commercials, short films, live events, stunt rehearsal, set construction, and more!

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